Alton Towers Hotel Review: Our Stay in the Moon Voyage Room.

A Uniquely Themed Hotel

Stacey and Natalia from The Rees Family Adventures at Alton Towers Oktoberfest

During our 2023 Oktoberfest visit, we stayed at the Alton Towers Hotel, despite a previously disappointing stay. So, the question is, was our second visit any better?

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The Alton Towers Hotel is a quirky theme park hotel. It is themed around the adventures of an explorer named Sir Algenon. Sir Alegnon’s flying ship is an impressive feature in the middle of the hotel. 

From the outside, the hotel looks lovely, with a big fountain at the front. Walking inside, you are transported into a whole different feel, which I doubt you will find at any other hotel.

Moon Voyage Room

The Alton Towers Hotel offers a variety of different themed rooms, some of which are very expensive! Last year, we stayed in an Explorer Room which is their basic accommodation. Whilst it was comfortable, the room was quite smelly. There was an aroma of damp, musty socks in the room which was not pleasant at all.

This time round, we went for the Moon Voyage Room. We got a good deal for it on the Merlin Holiday Club site (one of the perks of being a Merlin Passholder) and it ended up only being about £7 difference between this room and the bog standard Explorer Room.

The Moon Voyage Room has a wonderful galactic theme to it. I loved the decor in the room. It was quite steam-punkish with some really quirky elements that add to its charm.

  • The room was very clean and comfortable and had a separate sleeping area for kids. There was even a gigantic teddy on our bed, called Archibald.
  • The room was lovely and spacious with a view of the front of the hotel, which during the night was lit up purple. Thankfully, the curtains effectively blocked out the light so it didn’t disturb us.


As nice as this room was, it wasn’t without its issues.

  • We noticed a minor issue with one of the cupboards, as its handle was on the verge of falling off, and the cupboard itself wouldn’t open.
  • Additionally, the air con unit didn’t seem to work, but this could have just been because the batteries in the remote had run out.

Luckily, neither of these minor issues affected our stay.


The room came with good tea and coffee facilities (Nescafe, PG Tips and nice oaty biscuits) and we were also provided with small bottles of shampoo and shower gel. The bathroom was also well-themed but be warned, the shower pressure is strong. We all found it quite painful, but I know others would like that type of pressure.

Overall, we were really happy with the Moon Voyage Room and would definitely book this room again in the future.

Click the video above to watch our room tour vlog.

Food Options

Eating at this hotel was a struggle I have to admit. We did have an evening reservation at The Secret Garden, which Craig then cancelled (don’t get me started on that one) as last year we had the option for room service. Unfortunately for us, they have since removed room service and we were left without food for the evening. I did go for a walk around the hotel to see if I could get something to eat from the bar but it was jam-packed and the only other thing that I could find was a packet of crisps from the shop.


We booked our breakfast timeslot as soon as we got the notification to do so but we obviously weren’t quick enough as the only available time slot was 6.45 am. We went down for breakfast (which is at The Secret Garden Restaurant) at 6.45 a.m. but the staff didn’t actually open the doors until past 7 a.m. which was quite frustrating. Being the first in has its perks though, with it being a buffet-style breakfast, being the first to go up meant that nobody had been coughing over the food and it was freshly cooked.

  • There was a good selection of breakfast foods available, from cooked English breakfast to cereals, pastries and fruit.
  • The pastries are definitely the nicest option.
  • Unfortunately, the cooked breakfast left much to be desired. The eggs were just weird, scrambled eggs were like slop that just disappeared as soon as they went in your mouth and the fried eggs were like rubber. The sausages were okay, but everything else was a bit disappointing. The pastries were lovely though and we definitely had our fill of those.

The restaurant itself is quite pretty, with a lovely ambience, but despite being the first ones in, it was quite dirty. Remnants of the previous night’s meals, such as chips and cutlery, still lingered under the tables, which wasn’t great to see.

Final Thoughts

Staying at theme park on-site hotels wasn’t always our top choice because they’re not cheap. However, we’ve recently come to realise that staying on-site really does enhance our Alton Towers experience. For us, the advantages of staying on-site far outweigh the appeal of cost-effective alternatives.

Staying at the Alton Towers Hotel is a visual delight and being on-site allows you to fully immerse yourself into the enchanting world of Alton Towers. Whether you are visiting with family or friends, the Alton Towers Hotel offers a quirky retreat which perfectly complements your adventure in the theme park…just perhaps find somewhere else to eat. All of the staff we interacted with were incredibly friendly too.

Perks of Staying On-site.

Overall, our stay was a whole lot better than last year’s and we are all in agreement that we would definitely book that room again in the future. I love that with being on-site, you get your own dedicated entrance to the theme park. This is perfect for us as the crowds and queues at the main entrance really spark my anxiety up.

I would love to see them offer early ride time for hotel guests like they do at Chessington World of Adventures and whilst I’m comparing it to the Chessington Hotel, I’d like to see them install EV chargers at Alton Towers. Free parking at the hotels is also a nice perk as the theme park parking costs £8! Breakfast is included in your stay (I’d have been fuming if I’d had to pay for it) and you also get a free round of their adventure golf course when staying on-site, something we’ve yet to take advantage of.

Have you stayed at any of the Alton Towers accommodation? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments.

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