Manor Wildlife Park

A Family-Friendly Zoo Experience in Pembrokeshire

Hand feeding a wallaby at Manor Wildlife Park

Visiting a zoo is always high on our list when thinking of things to do, and Manor Wildlife Park is a firm favourite with us. It’s a completely different attraction from the other nearby zoo Folly Farm.

As a family of animal lovers, we adore the variety of walkthrough enclosures and how natural the animals’ environments are. From larger animals like rhinos and tigers to meerkats, lemurs and goats, there’s plenty to see. It’s a picturesque park with the animals enjoying the natural landscapes within their enclosures.

Our Visit

6 year old child smiling with a wallaby

We visited on a cold Sunday at the beginning of January and were expecting to see limited animals due to the cold, but we needn’t have worried. The zoo is located in Pembrokeshire, just a stone’s throw away from Tenby town centre and on the same road as some more of Pembrokeshire’s top attractions: Heatherton World Of Activities and The Dinosaur Park.

The first stop during our visit was the Wallaby Walkthrough enclosure. When you enter the park you can purchase wallaby food for £1 a bag and whilst in the enclosure you are able to feed the wallabies, which our Florrie absolutely loves. The wallabies are just adorable and extremely gentle. Some of them will wait patiently for you to feed them, whilst others are a bit more cheeky and will hop on over to you. I even had one sneakily try to take the bag of food from my hand! They are so friendly though and we spent ages in there, with Florrie giving them a good “fluffying”. That isn’t the only walkthrough enclosure at the zoo though, there is two others: the Flemish Giant Rabbits enclosure, the goat enclosure, and the Lemur enclosure which is where we headed to next.

My favourite thing about Manor Wildlife Park is the wallaby walkthrough. I love being able to feed and fluffy them.


Animal Experiences

At Manor Wildlife Park, they offer a great variety of animal experiences and they even have animal experiences suitable for younger children, aged 5+, which is something we haven’t seen in the other zoos we’ve visited. We actually treated Florrie to a mini zookeeper experience when she turned 5 and being in the lemur enclosure brought back those amazing memories of hand-feeding these beautiful and funny animals.

During our visit, there were two keeper talks: a lemur talk and a tiger talk. There’s usually a lot more on during busier times.

We love to see the talks because they usually correspond with feeding the animals so you really get to see them up close. The lemur talk was really informative and I found it interesting when they said that they don’t give them fruit because nowadays our fruit is too processed and too high in sugar. Makes you think doesn’t it!

We didn’t manage to see the tiger talk but we did manage to see them feeding which was pretty incredible. Seeing those big cats run up massive poles to retrieve their food was incredible to see.

Tiger Prowling For Its Food
6 Year old girl with a cute goat
Ringtail Lemur Eating Sweetcorn At Manor Wildlife Park

Food and Drink

There are 2 places at the park where you can get food and drink. There’s a snack shack near the tiger enclosure (this wasn’t open during our visit) and the main cafe at the manor house. We didn’t eat during this visit as we had brought a picnic but we did pick up some hot drinks; a coffee for Craig and I had a white hot chocolate, which was delicious. It cost us a total of £7.20 for the two drinks which is a little steep, but they only use “fairer than fair trade” meaning that everything is locally sourced.


Manor Park has recently invested in a shiny new outdoor play area for the kids, located near the manor house. This is a great play area with some epic slides. They also have a hay barn which the kids love jumping around on. Such a simple idea but lots of fun. During the summer, they put bikes and bouncy hoppers onto the big lawn which is another lovely idea.

They also have, what our kids call “The Dirty Bubble”. It’s a big 3 dome structure which houses a soft play area, a bouncy castle area and a baby’s play area. This is something that I think Manor Park really needs to look at doing something with as it really isn’t pleasant in there at all.

There is a strong, damp smell throughout the whole place and it is quite dirty. During our visit, it was very cold outside and it was warm inside which created a lot of condensation which was running down the inside of the structure. Most of the tables and chairs were dirty and damp and whilst I was sat watching the kids, I was continuously dripped on.

The kids came out of the play area saying that it was dirty and had muddy puddles throughout it, which I could believe seeing as I could see that the bouncy castle had brown puddles of water in all of the grooves. I honestly think that they could do with removing that structure as it lets the park down and doesn’t really fit in with the rustic, woody feel of the zoo. 

Manor Wildlife Park is very nice. My favourite thing about it is seeing the tigers.



This is another area where I think the attraction falls short. As I mentioned above, there’s two places to get food from (although, only one was open on our visit). The main eating establishment at the Manor House is quite small and most of the seating is outdoors, which is ok on quiet, dry days but not so much on busier days. 

In terms of toilets, there are toilets available at the manor house, but nowhere else on the site. They are also quite old and cramped and really need updating, which I guess is hard to do when you are open 363 days a year! But they really aren’t the best unfortunately.

Final Thoughts

We love Manor Wildlife Park and it is somewhere that we are looking forward to spending a lot more time here over this coming year as we purchased annual passes during this visit. I know that they put on lots of events throughout the year so we are looking forward to that, along with another zookeeper experience. We also spotted that a new area was being done up with a large Coming Soon sign on display, so hopefully, we will find out what that is this year. We absolutely recommend a visit to Manor Wildlife Park, it’s a beautiful place, the staff are friendly and so are the animals.  

Have you visited here? Tell us your favourite memories from Manor Wildlife Park in the comments below!

  • Manor Wildlife Park is located in St Florence, in the Tenby area of Pembrokeshire, SA70 8RJ. It’s very easy to get to by car. There is a bus service available from Tenby Monday – Saturday. Visit their website for more information on this.
  • Free on-site parking.
  • Opening hours are currently 10am-4pm, Monday to Sunday.


Correct at time of writing.

  • Adult: £19.95
  • Concession Adult: £17.95
  • Child (2-16): £17.95
  • Concession Child: £16.95

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